Types of Google Adsense Account

Types of Google AdSense Account

There are two types of Google AdSense account;

1. Hosted Google AdSense Account

If you are applying with Google’s platform like Blogger, Admob or YouTube to sign up, this type of Google AdSense account is called as Hosted Google  AdSense account where the revenue share is relatively less as compared to the Non-hosted AdSense accounts.

you can apply for Hosted AdSense account using YouTube channel too. However, after recent changes in monetization policies of the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll need minimum 4000 hours of watch time during the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers to enable this option.

Pro tip: Use Camtasia to record and edit high-quality videos if you are planning How-to and tutorial videos.

If you want to opt this route, you can check your monetization status at Creator Studio >> Channel >> Monetization and enable it after fulfilling all the requirements of YouTube Partner Program.

Enabling Google AdSense Monetization For YouTube

  1. Read and Accept YouTube Partner terms and condition.
  2. Sign up for a new Adsense account or connect to the existing one if you have already.
  3. Set monetization preferences.
  4. Get your channel reviewed after reaching 1,000 active subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the period of the previous 12 months.

2: None Hosted Adsense Account

When you apply for Google AdSense with self-hosted web properties like a self-hosted WordPress blog, the account is called a None hosted AdSense account.

This account gives you more revenue share compared to the Hosted AdSense account.

You can choose any of the above options. However, non-hosted AdSense accounts have their own perks.

So if you want to Get Hosted Adsense Account you need to Apply for Google Adsense Hosted using this Page.

Final Words

Getting Adsense Hosted is Much Easy than Getting Adsense None Hosted Account.

Thanks for reading this article hope this article helps you a lot.

if you have any question you can comment down it bellow.


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